What is a Shark

The Shark is the classic catamaran designed in 1962 by JR Macalpine-Downie. This boat dominated the attention of the racing world at its introduction with its performance in all kinds of conditions, from heavy airs to zephyrs. It was a design far ahead of its time, with ability to go to weather and tack with ease. The best way to describe a Shark today in the world of high performance catamarans, is to steal a quote that was once heard from an Inter 20 sailor.

In the present day of auto racing a Shark is a “57 Chevy with a blower”. Exciting to race and you can take the whole family out afterwards. A true classic. Over 100 square feet of usable deck and trampoline space. The wood trampoline is lower than the decks for seating comfort. There is plenty of room and buoyancy for six people to go sailing. The mainbeam-bridgedeck structure eliminates twisting betwen the hulls, making the boat rigid. Four large storage compartments in the bridgedeck, plus hatches aft of the rearbeam provide additional storage and ventilation.

Shark hulls present minimum wetted surface for high performance. Their high buoyancy provides a drier ride and prevents pitchpoling. Pivoting centerboards and rudders allow easy beaching without sacrificing performance to weather. The Shark folds in minutes to a trailerable package which is no wider than your vehicle.

The American Shark Association formed in 1964 sanctions three annual National events: the National Championships, Midwinters, and the Canandaigua Multihull Open (formerly the Schenley Cup). Individual fleet racing throughout the sailing season complement these events. Membership includes the Shark’s Tale newsletter bi-annual publication.

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